[TUT] How to create a DarkRP server in 10 steps!

Hello users!
I’m mcpoesen and I created a tutorial how to create a DarkRP Server!

Like playing DarkRP online with your friends?
Start today your own server on your Computer/VPS/Dedicated!
I created a tutorial to create your own darkrp server!
Please follow the steps and your server works!

We use today: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.

Every step have screenshots, Click on “Image”

Starting with SteamCMD.
Step 1: Download SteamCMD by clicking HERE (Windows) or HERE (Linux)

(Image) Step 2: Typ in SteamCMD: “login anonymous

(Image) Step 3: Typ in SteamCMD: “**force_install_dir c:\srcds**”

(Image) Step 4: Typ in SteamCMD: “app_update 4020

(Image) Step 5: Typ in SteamCMD: “app_update 4020 -validate

Close the SteamCMD.
And BOOM! the server installation is done,
The server files can be found in C:\srcds and the files looks like: (Image)

Now we going install DarkRP (Download)

Install DarkRP:
Step 6: Go to “C:\srcds\garrysmod\gamemode” and put the “DarkRP-master” in the folder, and rename it to “darkrp

Step 7: Download “CounterStrikeSource” without CSS the DarkRP will not work!

Step 8: Rename the CSS to “cstrike” and put it in “**C:\srcds**”

Step 9: Go to “C:\srcds\garrysmod\cfg**" and open “mount.cfg” and change the file to this: "“cstrike” “C:\srcds\cstrike”**” (Image)

Step 10: Go to “**C:\srcds\garrysmod\cfg**” and open “autoexec.cfg” and add this: “gamemode “darkrp”” and “r_hunkalloclightmaps 0

You are done with installing your server! Click on “srcds” to start your server!
For Questions u can ask it in the reactions!

Good luck!

Greetz, mcpoesen!



yuh i know already from your nickname

oh not this shit again…

LMAO he even included the “get pirated css content from here”

@Jelman and @igodsewer,
If don’t like this, Dont read it and don’t reply.

I worked for this threat for users who need it.

Honestly, there are masses of masses of tutorials about this on internet. You’re late with your one for like 6-7 years. Also you made very lame thing - provided pirated CS:S content in your tutorial. This is probably going to get you banned.

If you don’t like their replies, surely you shouldn’t read them or reply, right?

  1. I removed it 2. I didn’t know it was pirated 3. Can you read? So yeah, read the threat footer.

And I created This threat with download links and images, Another tuts doesnt have

I was not sure if you’re trolling or just dumb. When I saw threat footer, I figured out that you’re really dumb troll.

no reason to mess with the guy. yes hes like 100 years late and if someone dosent know how to install darkrp then they probably don’t even have a dedicated server so they wouldn’t need to cause all game hosts will auto install for you.

although trying to cause drama or make someone look stupid isn’t right maybe someone will need this.


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Lowering the barrier of entry to DarkRP server creation is surely a great idea. /s

Fucking ROFLing here. Even a blind, deaf and retarded guy with IQ level below zero could easily run a DarkRP server, thanks to Scriptfodder. Gotta love these times when you really needed to make efforts to run a good DarkRP server and it was awesome - people needed to work hard to be the best, nowadays it’s just a question of who steals more money from mother’s wallet.

i agree with that kinda. although you could take a vanilla darkrp server and put alot of jobs and such in and as long as you keep kids and drama away your server will grow

Awesome tutorial! Thanks! Very useful <3

Most Garry’s Mod hosts allow you to install DarkRP with the click of a button.:disgust:

Awww :frowning:
You gotta feel bad for this guy, because there are only 2 possible explanations for this:

  1. He’s young, and/or still innocent, and genuinely just wants to help people, but holy crap was this a bad tutorial (See: Above replies)

  2. He’s trolling, and that’s just sad on its own

cheers detective

No problem!
Thanks for reply!

You should still be open to legitimate criticism. Making a blanket statement like this only opens yourself up for purposefully negative replies.

waits for drizzy to plug his server host