Tutor Requesting Thread v1.0

Hello people of facepunch.

I have started a thread to clean up some of developer discussion. Those threads being subject for requesting tutors.

Hopefully in this thread, you will request someone to tutor, or teach you, or just even put you in the right direction.

(Ill make this thread have more graphics later today.)


  • You can Pay your tutors on how much you want.
  • If you request a tutor, and noones accepts it, dont make another one, redo one later
  • Your format must/can be like this:


  • Name: Myname

  • Pay: Your life

  • Time Period: Eternity

  • Contact: becomemyslave@tutor.not

  • Extra Notes: Apply now.

robotoby where do i apply i wanna leanr how to install mods for darkrp

Please write to http://iam.toostupid.to/read

I don’t think I could teach people lua at this point without wanting to shout at them