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For most of you this will seem like a really silly release. Pointless to almost evey single one of you but there are a few people here like myself who teach Lua to people. I Dont know about you guys but I can be doing a lesson with someone and then do another with someone else and forget what we did last lesson. This program allows you to track all sorts of things
such as:

Payment Logs
Lessons Logs
Student Notes
Student information and a few other things

Now I did not do a virus scan because I do not know what sites etc you want, Or even if you guys will download this but if you want to you can have it and I hope it helps you like it helps me.



Not bad for a first VB/C# program. Keep it up.

You really need to work on your exception handling/validations though. So many errors.

Only when you click on the list where there is no option, This only happens when it is first loaded and I know exactly how to fix it but tottaly forgot to do it >.>

Oh and also if you try to save infomation without a studen being selected, Its really easy stuff to fix I just totaly forgot about it xD

Here’s a rule in programming:
Never trust the end-user. They’re always an idiot and they’re always a ‘master hacker’.

Haha yeh I remeber that thanks. But like I said I knew they were there but just pushed it to the side and got used to working around it so I totaly forgot about them

I personally use Steam Chat Logger++ 1.2 for chat-logs and Steam Aliases for notes ( they’re typically along the lines of: FP: Name - Notes - +n for ranking - +$x for donations / payments received, - for owed )…

The logs are great because I can link them to them and they update in real-time. FP username helps, notes are typically short such as supporter, using dev-base/networking, issues with x, etc…

People that contact me trying to get me to install a virus get the alias “virus” and I send a few messages letting them know they’re infected and to fix and if I don’t hear back then I remove them ( aliases stick for if they try re-adding ).

This just seems like a potentially good idea but is lacking in features to warrant a stand-alone app ( Can’t select payment type, or confirmation / transaction id, etc… )…

For virus scan, I’d suggest installing this: http://www.boredomsoft.org/vt-hash-check.bs / https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/___welcome_docs/Acecool%20Utilities/_Installers/VT%20Hash(1).zip

then running this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/___welcome_docs/Registry_Change_Scan_using_Virus_Total!.reg - to change the default text from the above app in the context-menu when you right-click a file to “Scan using Virus Total!” which seems more in-line with what it does.

If the file hash doesn’t exist, you can click upload and when it’s done the results page will be available for you to link…