Tutorial: Basic Textures

This is not how to make the texture it self, but to make the picture you already have into a texture.
The textures used in tutorial


Things you will need
Basic knowledge of Hammer
your way around programs with out getting completely confused (trial and error)















*Hammer - spelt it wrong…






Now if there is anything wrong please tell me. If you don’t want a bumpmap basically leave that piece of code out… I got kind of sloppy and wanted it to be done with at the end… but yeah if you have any questions just ask. :smiley:

Just to let you all know I am beginner. I have learned this all in the past week so if i am not explaining things right oh well it still works lol. Doesn’t need to be explained down to the VERY slightest detail.

Very nice tutorial.
Maybe you should also explain on how to bake the textures in the bsp.

Thats just pakrat not that hard, but if people request it I will make it.

You should.
Your tutorial was simple and effective.
plus has alot of pictures :smiley:

haha after the first like 20 minutes making it I was bored out of my mind! so editing all the pictures I tried to rush it as much as possible. Still think it came out ok though.

Pakrat takes 10sec to figure out how to use. Nice tutorial btw.

By experience, I recommend making your normal maps over-exaggerated so they show up properly in Source. Too many times do I see people make normal maps that aren’t prominent enough.

I think they came out pretty well. Very noticeable I thought.

It’s actually a normal map. Bump maps are black, white and shades of gray.

The tutorial is awesome nonetheless.

normalmap and bumpmap are pretty much the same the spec map is what is shades of gray

Base texture


Bump Map/Normal Map


Spec Map


Awesome, finally a simple tutorial. Thanks.

Two questions: How did you get the light_spot to display like that and how do you make bump maps?
Good tutorial by the way.

I had to turn the lightmaps to 2 and basically just pointed the light at the ground. Bump maps require a plugin for photoshop or a different program.

whatever you do, don’t use crazy bump


The bumpmaps it generates always look very weird, like fluffy.


I use it for specular maps though.

I wasn’t criticizing yours. It was just an added tip to the thread.

Oh, alright. Sorry haha

A couple questions from my side:

  • Is it really a big difference if you SSbumb these, instead of just bumbmapping them?
  • What is an easy way to “tile” textures? If you know what I mean.

I already knew how to make “Basic Textures”, it’s a good tutorial.

Could you go over how to make a good spec map and show what it looks like in game. All mine fail miserably.