Tutorial DarkRP

I know this is a VERY newbie question but i would like someone to post a tutorial on how to add custom jobs to darkRP also i would like the person to add the following if possible

-How to add a basic team
-Tell me what everything in the script stands for
-How to make flag for teams OR
How to make the team NOT appear in the classes menu and NOT have chat command
(so the only way to join the team would be typing in the console a secret command)

Thank to everyone who is willing to help about this.

Okay update

[lua]TEAM_HOBO = AddExtraTeam(“Hobo”, Color(80, 45, 0, 255), “models/player/corpse1.mdl”, [[The lowest member of society. All people see you laugh.
You have no home.
Beg for your food and money
Sing for everyone who passes to get money
Make your own wooden home somewhere in a corner or
outside someone else’s door]], {“weapon_bugbait”}, “hobo”, 5, 0, 0, false)[/lua]

if i have this for example what do i have to do so it does not appear in the DarkRP class menu

The example is explained in the very same file.

sorry thats not what i meant i edited my post and btw

va regarder tes MP