Tutorial for laser cannon?

In the mapper’s encyclopaedia, there’s a laser cannon map.

Can someone please explain to me how exactly this works or post a link to a tutorial because I’m pretty lost.

Thanks in advance.


It is a VMF. file, open it and look at it…

You’re joking, right?

I don’t understand how it works, how I can make something similair.

Try to find out the person who made it and ask him/her there username is at the download is it not.

Decompile, look through the entity tree (by clicking the mark button on parent/IO names) and figure it out.


Of course decompiling doesn’t make it a perfect .vmf but it still is subject to help.

besides, it’s already a vmf.

Decompiling only messes up your brushwork, entities are pulled out 100% working. (with the exception of a few brush entities like areaportals)