Tutorial for making and hexing a Citizen skin.

When somebody asks “How do I skin” rather than linking them to a tutorial why can’t we just make them one? So let’s get down to business.

How to skin and hex a citizen :v:

Ok first you’ll need some programs:

GCFScape - It will allow you to extract the neccessary material and model files out of source.

VTF2TGA - It’ll convert the material files into pictures that can be edited with photoshop.

VTFtool - It will convert those pictures back into material files after you’re done editing them.

You need a picture editing program that can do very complex editing and can also save in the .tga format, such as photoshop (what I use).

You will also need some experience in manipulating files and folders to understand the tutorial.

Now let’s get started :v:.

Make a folder for your skins, name it whatever you want I named mine “Mah skins!”

Inside that folder make a folder for the individual skin you’re working on.

Inside that folder, make another folder called “Materials”. Inside the materials folder make another folder called “Models”. Inside that models folder make another folder called “Humans”. Inside humans make ANOTHER folder called “Male” or “Female” if you’re making a female skin. Inside that make a folder with 7 letters if it’s a male and 9 if it’s a female skin. It should look like this:

(skin name)/materials/models/humans/(male or female)/(skin name, either 7 or 9 letters long)

Now install and open GCFscape.

At the top left go to file>open and go to valve/steam/steamapps. Open the file called “source materials”

After you open that there are some files in a box on the left. Go to:


There is a file in there called “citizen_sheet.vtf”. Right click and hit Extract.

After downloading the vtf2tga program, right click the zip file and click “extract all” just click next until it’s done. It will turn the zip folder into a normal folder. Extract the “citizen_sheet.vtf” to the normal vtf2tga folder.

Now we are gonna have this skin be male_07, so we will extract the “mike_facemap.vtf” file to the vtf2tga file just like the citizen_sheet. This is what the vtf2tga file should look like now.

Now double-click the icon that looks like a window with a gear in it and a black box should pop up. Type the letter y into the box.

Hit enter, the .vtf files will be converted into .tga files.

Now open up your editing program, we will use photoshop in this tutorial. Open up the citizen_sheet.tga. Here is what it should look like.

Now let’s make it easier to work with. Go to Image>image size. In the box that says 1024 type in 2048. The image is now double it’s size.

Now let’s make us a a skin. Here is a legend:

We are gonna make male_07 so we’ll work on the odd number shirt. First I put some text.

Now I turned the shirt black.

Now click save-as and overwrite the original. Save it as a 24-bit .tga file.

Now let’s edit the mike_facemap, it should look like this:

I changed it to this:

Now let’s turn them back into .vtf files. After Extracting VTFtool it requires that you put it in the bin files of the game you’re using it for. So put it in:

steam/steamapps/(your steam name)/garrysmod/bin

Now open it up.

See those buttons with the three dots on them next to those text bars? Those are Browse buttons. Click them and find then double click your vtf2tga file. Do this for both the browse buttons. Then at the top go to file>convert to vtf>file, then find your citizen_sheet.tga that you edited. Then click let’s go! It will convert it to a .vtf. Do the same thing for the mike_facemap.tga.

Close vtftool and go to the vtf2tga file, it should look like this:

You’ll see that it also generated some .vmt files, keep those. Now cut the .vtfs and the .vmts and paste them in:

(skin name)/materials/models/humans/(male or female)/(skin name either 7 or 9 letters)

Now open gcfscape again and go to file>open. Open “source models”.

Now go to:


Scroll down in the box on the right until you find the male_07 files. There are 6 files and a .jpeg. Now open your skin folder and in the folder make another folder called models.

Inside that make a folder called humans, and inside that humans folder make another folder for your skin (either 7 or 9 letters depending on the gender). Extract the male_07 folders to that skin folder you just made (don’t extract the .jpeg, you don’t need it). It should look like this:

Now let’s hex, you need a program called Xvi32.

Now right click the file and click extract all. After it’s extracted run the program. Ok now at the top left go to file>open and open the male_07.mdl in the models>humans>(skin name) folder. A bunch of letters and numbers should come up, but we only want to focus on the right box. ALL we want to change is “male_07” and “group01”. At the top there is a male_07 and a group01.

Since both have 7 letters, I will now change both to “skintut”. To change them, click on the first letter of each word and start typing. Each letter you type will overwrite the one that’s high-lighted, it helps you keep the same amount of letters. REMEMBER, IT ALWAYS MUST HAVE THE SAME NUMBER OF LETTERS ALWAYS! Now we take the scroll bar at the right of the window and go ALL the way down to the bottom of the page. Now we are at the bottom, you will see another group01.

We will also change that to skintut. Now go to file>save or click the little floppy-disk icon. Now exit Xvi32 and go to your (skin name)/models/humans/(skin name) and change the name of male_07 to skintut but keep the endings (.mdl,.vvd,etc.). Make sure it’s the same name you put in the hex editor.

Now go to your (skin name)/materials/models/(male/female)/(skin name) and open the .vmt files (not the .vtf files) with a text editor, I use Notepad. First open the citizen_sheet.vmt. We need to change this:

To this:

Here is the layout:

	// Original shader: VertexLitTexture
	"$basetexture" "models/Humans/Male/(skin name here)/citizen_sheet"
	"$halflambert" 1

Now save it over the original. Now open the mike_facemap.vmt. Change this:

To this:

Here is the layout:

	// Original shader: VertexLitTexture
	"$basetexture" "models/Humans/Male/(skin name here)/mike_facemap"
	"$halflambert" 1

Note: If you are using a different model than male_07 then replace mike_facemap with the facemap you’re using for your skin.

And we are done!!! Now copy paste your skin’s material file in:

steam/steamapps/(steam name)/garrysmod/garrysmod/materials/models/humans/(male/female)

And copy/paste your skin’s model file in:

steam/steamapps/(steam name)/garrysmod/garrysmod/models/humans

Note: If you don’t have some of the files mentioned in the code above, simple make them.

Enjoy your new hexed skin :v:. Sorry if you get confused, I took over 40 pictures but then I remembered you can’t post more than 30 at a time and tried to not use uneccessary pictures. If you have any questions just ask or if you get confused tell what part is confusing and I will change it.


  1. Q: My skin is all pink and black squares/ My model is invisible!

    A: You simply misplaced a material file.

  2. Q: How do I get my skin into gmod?

    A: Place the files in the locations I stated above, then use the prop search in gmod to find your skin and add it to a category.

  3. Q: I opened the vmt’s but there’s a bunch of Jibbery-goop in them!

    A: There are 2 kinds of materials files: vmt’s and vtf’s. Inside the vtf’s there’s bunch of jibbery-goop while there is only text in the vmt’s.

  4. Q: I can’t find my skin in the search!

    A. It has come to my attention that garry modified the prop search in the recent update. I’ll look into it.

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But good job.
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That’s a really helpful tutorial that is well done :slight_smile:

However you don’t need to put the // Original shader: VertexLitTexture
as the “//” bit means that it’s just a comment and not actually needed in the vmt :wink:

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This tutorial helped me alot but i still having a problem. I did my skin, but when i spawn it, it appear with the citizen clothes and the normal mike facemap.

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Nice job; really helpful. Recount again though, male_07 is seven letters, not six. That confused me a bit at first.

Why not just use the vtf plugin for photoshop? That way you can directly open the vtf file, you don’t need to convert anything.

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