Tutorial for Using Water-Awe



Please can I get a tutorial on how to use this I have tried myself and here is my failed attempt if you want to download and point out what I have done wrong, (yes I am using pakrat)

.vmf http://rapidshare.com/files/284941900/aquajail.vmf.html

.bsp http://rapidshare.com/files/284942555/aquajail.zip.html

Help me and I’ll love you forever

I can’t download the VMF while here at school. Can you tell me what process you’ve done to create your water?

what water? its just an effect on glass

I too have trouble making this texture work

Well tell me the process of what you are doing…

I know something is wrong with the vmt, i just forget what. Like the refract shader or something. and it needs to be in ep2 engine tied to a func_brush, with the render mode set to additive to make it look extra good

here is the fix:

open up the VMT file and replace it with this:

	"$RefractTexture" _rt_WaterRefraction
 	"$normalmap" "nature/water_cc_norm"
	"$REFRACTTINT" "{0 255 150}"
 	"$refractamount" 0.1
	 "$bluramount" 2
	"$scale" "[2 2]"
			"animatedtexturevar" "$normalmap"
			"animatedtextureframenumvar" "$bumpframe"
			"animatedtextureframerate" 25.00

			"texturescrollvar" "$bumpTransform"
			"texturescrollrate" 0.2
			"texturescrollangle" 90.00

make sure that the brush you texture it on is tied to a func_brush entity, and the render mode is set to additive.

thanks Foda & laptopman , working great now.

Do you put this texture behind glass or do you put it a your glass?

You put the water behind your glass, because the water alone acts like concrete. It’s a really cool effect and all.

:fappery: I might have to find some way to include that in a map…

odd, this shows up black ingame for me.

nevermind, got it working

How did you get it to work?

Did you even read the thread?

Probably not…

Anyway, here´s the fix: