[Tutorial] Fuck JPEG; IT'S TGA TIME!

Tired of those god damn bad quality JPEG photos?



That wasn’t so hard was it?


Ya, TGA 2.2MB…

5.04 MB but nobody is putting a gun to your head saying don’t delete after you save it to PNG.

Oh… uh… of course not… and everything is ok here… no need for police or anything.

Ill save you!

You know Bubz, you don’t need to open console for F5 screenshot. There’s an option for keyboard.

I don’t see any difference what so ever.

It’s a bind which makes it TGA for some reason and not JPG.

here we go again with the pngs that don’t make a difference lol

It does make a difference.

Aww yeah mutherbitches, This was really usefull.

yes to you “SPRESCREENSHAWTMASTURS” with detached retinas.

No they’re fine.

only people with detached retinas cannot see that they are fine.

I see absolutely no difference other than the snow and the sky.
There’s nothing wrong with jpeg’s as long as you don’t know forget to use jpeg_quality 100 in-game and save them as maximum quality in photoshop (which should be 12). And using png’s is stupid, as they look identical to a max quality jpeg, yet png’s are like triple the size.

As for me I use fraps to make the screenshot in bmp.

Fraps makes it like 10 MB lol.

That’s just stupid and completely pointless.

Why would you do something like that? Camera tool is there for a reason. And bmp? Good grief.

I don’t see a fucking difference.
Even this happy guy disguised as a mexican agrees :


Also jpeg_quality 10 ftw.