Tutorial - How to make a biotic effect

Bleh. I’m tired of Garry’s Mod crashes, so you will settle with simple DoF.

I am using Photoshop CS4.

This is the image we are going to edit:


Add a light or dark blue light near the ragdoll to light it up a bit. Place it near the center of the ragdoll.

Create a new layer and dump black shit in it, name it biotic or something:


Now go FILTER > RENDER > DIFFERENCE CLOUDS and then press CONTROL + F about 10 times to get this effect:


Now select SCREEN as the blending effect:


Fuck with the hue:


Select a FUSSY BRUSH WITH 100 IN WIDTH AND BLACK COLOR and start painting away the biotic stuff you don’t want.


Now fuck with the levels:


Select a FUSSY BRUSH WITH ABOUT 40-50 IN WIDTH AND BLACK COLOR and set the opacity to 50-60% and start skimming over the biotic-ness.


Make it look more 3D by removing it in front of some limbs. Remove it from the face as well.

Now slap some fancy black bars on the shit and call it a day:


Eyes are optional, should only exist on Asari really, they are the only natural biotics.

Have fun.

I love you for this :buddy:

This is fucking awesome, have a wrench in your face.

I always loved this effect.

The Bropimp has delivered? :buddy:

Yes he has.

Wow. This can become useful. Very good in deed. Thanks for sharing your godly insight on biotic effects with us lowly mortals Haxxer.

I shall now become a hot ass smoking female destructor of my friends box fortress which he build to prove he was more of an evil overlord than me.

I just need to lure the save file from him.

great tutorial there haxxer, thanks!

cool tutorial

Awesome, Now I have a reason to use the render>clouds filter.

Nice…:monocle: Wow, all the things I can do with this. Thank you!

Yesterday I was thinking if someone actually will post a tutorial, and you did. :iiam:
Thanks a lot. I might use it in the next picture, however I’ll try to do it in GIMP.

That’s also how you make lightning. :c00lbert:

Nice tutorial Haxxer!
Bookmarked, have a wrench. :v:

justicar=kick ass

This doesn’t really look much like this:


Only if you’re a complete novice to editing.

Render > Clouds looks nothing like electricity.

Ok sorry should i take the tutorial down

When did I at all imply that?

All I’m saying is if you added a few more effects you could make it look like that. Right now the thread title is a bit misleading.

You clearly didn’t sense the sarcasm in my post, at all. Maybe you haven’t read any of my other posts at all, most have been ‘sophisticated’ if you will.

I don’t see people making poses with close-to-real biotic effects. This is the closest I can get to any biotic effect with my current skill level, and people have been asking how I do it. This is how I do it.

If it bugs you that much, I can get a moderator to change the title.