Tutorial: How to Make a Wire Spedometer

Sup? I got another tut.

What you will need…
Garry’s Mod

Step 1: Vehiclular Spawnage
Load GMod join a server and spawn a vehicle such as a jeep or airboat.

Step 2: Detection Menu
Open up your Q menu and go to WireMod and select the spedometer and place it anywhere on the vehicle.

Step 3: Display
Spawn a screen, for this tut we use a single value small screen, with bigger font. For the value put eaither MPH or KPH depending on what you use. Spawn it and position it to a spot you can see from the driver’s seat.

Step 4: Wiring
Pull out your wire tool and wire eaither the MPH or KPH to value A of the screen.

Now drive around and you should get the speed of your vehicle.
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