Tutorial: How to make curves in a road

First: I’m sorry for the insane large pictures. I’ve got a wide screen, and resizing the images screws up the numbers and image quality.

I have been struggling with this for some time, but I recently found out how to make a nice curve in a road, without screwing around with the vertex tool. In this short tutorial I will explain how to do just that, the brushwork and textures.


First of all, you will have to draw the brushes that will represent the 2 parts of the road that will be connected by the curve. Best is to keep the positions relative for in this case a 90 degree turn.


Second, select Arch and then draw a square that connects the 2 outer edges of the roads and press enter.


Then the Arch properties pop up. What you do now, is devide the road’s width by 2. My road is 512 units wide, which means at Wall width i fill in 256. Set arc to 90 for a 90 degree turn.


The arch tool does it’s work, and a curve is created. Now rotate it into the correct position by pressing CTRL+M while the curve is selected. Transformation tool will pop up, fill in 180 at Z axis to rotate it 180 degrees (or any other value you require ofcourse).




Apply the texture you would like to use with the Face Edit Sheet (SHIFT+A) to a straight part of the road.
Make sure you have selected the top face. While selecting it, click ALT+RIGHT-CLICK on the inner edge of the brush.


After you’ve done that, slect the inner edge by left clicking on it, and then ALT+RIGHT-CLICK the inner edge of the curve next to it. Then select the inner edge of the curve, and ALT+RIGHT-CLICK on the face next to it. Repeat this untill you’ve textured the entire curve and the other straight part of the road.


Now do the same, but now you select the inner edge, and ALT+RIGHT-CLICK the top face of the brush.
Repeat this untill the entire curve and straight section is textured


If desired, re-apply the nodraw texture (or any other texture).

And there you go. One perfect curve!


Remember: you can always smoothen your curve more by increasing the number of sides at Arch’s properties.

I hope you will find this tutorial useful. If desired, I might record this tutorial as a short movie if anyone could show me a good free application to record your desktop.

Pretty basic stuff, but then, your tutorial was very short and simple too. Gj

rated you useful (not cause you’re a tool)

Thanks, I would be spending too much time doing this if you didn’t tell me how. +useful.

Why does this look like something I’ve seen before?


Oh yeah;

Yup, i got it from there aswell. But it doesnt describe the brushwork.

The brushwork is just making an arch :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe manycam works.

I’m stuck on this part, can anyone get on Skype or TeamViewer and help me? PM me atleast?

On which part?

Pretty basic, and late. Good tut none the less.

On texturing, it’s confusing me, and not aligning with each other, also I need some custom road textures, can’t find any.


Actually, don’t worry. I got help :downs:

Oh, wow!! Didn’t know you could line up textures like that. This will help a lot.

Holy shit I sorta knew how to make it but the side method blew me away.

Stored in a mental memory bank

I can’t get my curve road surface to fucking line up :argh:

It’s just staying in one rotation :rant:

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But I just came up with the idea to use the same principle for railroad turns. Works like a charm.

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Now if you apply both of these methods together,

Awesome, great addition :slight_smile: Thanks!