Tutorial: How to Make Your own Garry's Mod Background

Welcome to my first tutorial/post.
I will be teaching you how to make your own background for Garry’s Mod

What you will need…
Image Porgram (Such as MS Paint or Photoshop)

Step 1: Getting the Picture
Find or make your picture. If your making it in GMod I would reccomend that all of your events be put toward the middle and not really on the bottem left edge, that’s where your menu buttons are.

Step 2: Cropping
Load your image into an Image Editing Program such as MS Paint or Photoshop. Crop the image so that it is square. For small tweaking you can resize the image but not for big changes like changing 1280 to 1024. Then, if not already, resize the picture to 1024x1024. Then save it to a place you can find it.

Step 3: Making the VTF
Install and load VTFedit found at http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/. Go to File then click on Import and find your picture and hit open. A menu will pop up, under the General tab (the one that should be open)go to Maximum Width and Maximum Height both to 1024 then hit ok. Your image should show up. Just hit File and Save As. Save it as background01.vtf. Again save it to a place you can find it.

Step 4: Moving the VTF
Now navigate to your Garry’s Mod folder (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps(yoursteamID)\garrysmod\garrysmod). Now go to the materials folder and into console. Move your background01.vtf file that you made into this console folder. It will ask you overwrite an existing file. Just say yes to it all.

Step 5: Adding Sounds(Optional)
IF you want to add background music or sounds everytime you rollover/click/clickoff of a button on the GMod main menu then find and/or make a suitable sound. For background music you need to have a mp3 file
and name it gamestartup1.mp3 and move it to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps(yoursteamID)\garrysmod\garrysmod\sound\ui. If a folder is not there then create it. For button sounds get your sound that’s in WAV format and name it buttonclick.wav for a sound that plays when you click, buttonclickrelease.wav for a sound to play when you release off of a click or name your file buttonrollover.wav for a sound that plays when you roll over a button.

If you’ve done all that and it works you’ve finished the tutorial…
If you have any problems, complaints or see any mistakes in this post then leave a comment. Seeya

Oh no, now even more people will spam garrysmod.org with backgrounds.

What have you done

Nice tutorial actually.

I fucking hate those “inb4 epicz bg u gotta duwnlode tis” backgrounds.


Also, nice tutorial

Ha, but more people can get creative, I guess…

That’s a bad tutorial.

Edit: That was a dick comment, I’m sorry OP. The tutorial’s fine, although it could use some images.

Really? What can I do to improve it then?
I really appreciate your guy’s feedback!

it is fun to make backrounds but when i make one like 3 mounths ago i was sitting and thinking what to make for a backround >D

Nice tutorial.



lol yeah…

thanks about the nice tut thing…

You should have just put all the tutorials into one thread and added screenshots.

I would put em all maybe someday. I would add screen shots for some of these but I’m on my laptop and dont have some of the stuff I have on my PC. So I’ll add em when I get home tomorrow or tonite

You’ve just opened Pandora’s GCF.


I tried just adding custom music (the title screen music from Blast Corps) and it didn’t work…

Just so you know, the same guy who made VTFEdit made a Photoshop plugin for VTFs. Not as fancy as VTFEdit, but for backgrounds it gets the job done.

doesn’t work for vistas on my end

letting people know

Hmm, make sure it is a wav…

fix pls

You can also get Paint.NET and download VTF addon to if

You can also check post dates.