TUTORIAL: How to "No Recoil" without cheats (M4 and MP5) | Recoil Control | By n0va

My montage from a few days ago received much criticism regarding the seemingly lack of recoil in the footage.
How did I do it? Today we will find out and hopefully I can teach you how to do it!


Your a gentlemen, scholar and I take back all the bad things I’ve said about you :stuck_out_tongue:

Great video! and thanks again.

On a side note I’ve been looking for a streamer that has all the tools installed to do a tutorial on how to raid the standard suicide bases. If your interested let me know.


I usually give shit on people posting videos on the Rust forum but damn that was a nice video

What server is this for PvP?
(never mind found out)

its sad that most people will just call this “Hacking”

its glad to clear all of that(i was wondering,but did not accuse you of hacking)

Good video Nova, i hope this cuts down on the hacker comments people receive.

People, be aware this can be applied to almost EVERY fps game. If it has recoil it can be compensated for with practice. i do this in every single game i play, and it gets me called a hacker often.

Its amazing how many people dont burst/single fire in games and just spray. i use every gun in every game as a semi/burst, reduces recoil significantly in most cases

Thanks~ I don’t stream :frowning:

Don’t blame 'm it’s hard to see if he hacks or not (now WE know he doesn’t, but other might not)

Just the big wave of hackers giving a good reasson for people to yell “Y U HACKER”


Nice video, however i’m still not near a “pro” in PvP and i can’t really learn it since on BF servers i expect to be shot and don’t care about it, but on a real server i’m like a spastic mario…

congrats on teaching people to exploit the game you are doing a fantastic job for the community.

I hope this is a troll post

How is he exploiting? He is just pulling down on the mouse a little as he shoots to compensate for the recoil? Which you can’t fully compensate for how is this exploiting?

Learning how to shoot better is an exploit now?

I’d better run backwards everywhere because obviously looking in front of me is an exploit, too.

Yeah man it’s same with cs go all these people at e sprots exploiting and controlling recoil all the time! Who do they think they are!?

Not sarcasm at all

Haskell is *full *of snarky posts like this. All I’ve seen from him are snobby troll comments on every post I’ve seen him on.

BTW OP thanks for this awesome vid, I sucked cow butt at shooting before, now thanks to you I only suck mouse butt! (still getting over being jittery in combat)

Samee~ yeah when I’m about to go into combat or I hear some unexpected footsteps, sometimes I get jittery from all the anxiousness and nervousness that I know something is ABOUT TO GO DOWN!

and I’m glad you’ve improved! ^^

Right? haha that’s what I love about this game, the emotions are all captured and amplified… especially the fear/nervousness :smiley: great survival atmosphere

yeah people who closet hack in that case would be very difficult to spot even with an invisible admin looking at them.

Basic FPS knowledge is beyond the average Rust player obviously lol. So many crybabies in this game that need to go back to WoW.

WELL yeah… This game is pretty unique so they are getting players from other game genres like RPGs and RTS games,

so I also kind of made this on behalf of all the other people who are legit and get called a hacker all the time,

and so that people who aren’t so familiarized with basic things like this will be able to start putting this into practice and realize that it actually is possible to get really good at shooting without hacks