[Tutorial]Lightning effect

OK so in This video I show you how to make a lightning effect

-First you should create a light,logic timer,ambient generic entities.

-Give them all names(logic timer doesn’t need one)

-Light should have brightness over 900
-Light should be set to initialy dark in the Flags section

-Sound shouldn’t loop,should everywhere and shouldn’t start silent

-In the logic timer outputs you should put the following

On timer
Turn on

On timer
Turn off
W/ delay of 1 sec

On timer
Play sound


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hahahh,I like it that way,when i have to launch a program i don’t have to minimize the other one

It’s like a second desktop :v:

Yeah,who needs Sli or Crossfire :slight_smile:

SLi and Crosfire are the method of linking multiple cards to get a boost in graphics power. Nothing to do with desktops. I suspect you meant eyefinty, which is the ATi system for having up to 6 monitors.

I was joking,and Sli/Crossfire can also be used to have multiple monitors.

And so can single card. I’m typing to you from my 15" monitor.

Eyefinity allows one large desktop on 6 screens with a single card. Some games support it as well, whereas only a few officially support multi monitors.

Thanks, helpful. I don’t suppose there’s any way to light up the skybox, since it’s a shader of some sort?

Also have a delay of aprox. 1 second between the effect and sound.

I know i have AMD,but it’s smarter to use another card for another monitor for better performance.

Back on topic now!

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Idk,but if you for example used the moving clouds model from CSS then putting a light under that in the 3D skybox could actually sortof do it

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Yeah you are right since we usually do first see the light and then we hear it,but if it’s a close one you could go with this.

Depends on the sound you use.

Better performance?

I hvae zero performance issues with running two monitors. Maybe that’s an ATi thing, my nvidia card it only a 460 and handles anything i throw at it.

Throw some acid at it then



Where have I seen this before…

TopHatWaffle also made a lighting tutorial.

I think the better way of doing this is like in L4D, where there is a color correction volume and it turns on a special lighting strike color correction. That way it lights up everything, including the skybox.

I made this exact same system months ago.

Made somthing very similar like 4 years ago. Instead of light entity i used env_fade