Tutorial on Info_Particle_System?

Can anyone help me with info_particle_system, i have no idea what im doing with it and i can’t find any tutorials… please help. :3:

Set the particle system name to the name of the particle system to use.

List of Particle Effects
[li]Half-Life 2: Episode Two
[/li][li]Left 4 Dead
[/li][li]Left 4 Dead 2
[/li][li]Team Fortress 2

Thanks Terenteller. :v:


How do i get it to work in a map? Do you have steam or something that i could chat to you on live? :3:

These should help.

Place and configure.

I have Steam, but I try to avoid using it.

That’s just to create custom particles, i need something that shows me how to set them up in hammer.

Well, how hard could it be? Add the info_particle_system and add an input?

When you start the game, the particle_manifest.txt is loaded. This text file contains a list of all .pcf files. A .pcf file is a file that contains one or more particle effects. These effects can be tied together, but also used loosely.

A particle effect has a name, something like aurora_explosion or whatever. Enter the name of the effect you want in the Particle System Name part. To test it, just set the Start Active to yes and check it out. Use Terrenteller’s list of particle effects to get the names.

Thanks :v:

Here is also something you should look at;

Hawx got rejected :v:

Or use the Start On flag. Well, technically, it’s not a flag, but it works in almost the same way, except it’s the properties tab.

I still can’t use it…
Sorry for bumping up this thread, but I really need some help on this.
I just can’t make it work!

I’m mapping for Portal 2, and by seeing this list: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/List_of_Portal_2_Particles

But there are simply no particles to select! None appear!

Did you copy them over from the pak01.vpk?

got a link to your steam account?

Here’s a more general tutorial on how to use the Particle editor

I reccomend looking at VALVe’s Particle effects for learning the more advanced stuff though.

I found that pretty useful, thanks!