Tutorial on Model hacking bodygroups?

Sorry if this is the wrong spot, I use 3DSmax8 and I’m starting to learn how to model hack.
are there any tutorials on it?
Bodygrouping it Specifically

Essentially a bodygroup must be skinned to the same skeleton as the main model and must be position in the place where it will appear on the model.

That’s about it, as preparing the SMD goes.

Bodygroups are easy to create:

You open up you’re model in 3Ds Max, add all the extra meshes you wish to become bodygroups ( and align them to the right places on the model of course ), and then you rig these meshes to the same skeleton the original model is using. Then, all you have to do is to delete the original model from the current project ( don’t forget to save the model before you do this! ) and export each bodygroup separately with the same skeleton the original model is using. You also should give every bodygroup you have created a simple name, such as “goggles_on” or similar when you export them. This will come in
handy for when you are done in 3Ds Max and start working on the QC file for the new model.*

Here’s the command line you’ll be needing, it’s usually placed below the flexfile “mdldecompiler_expressions.vta” batch, but not after $cdmaterials.

$bodygroup you’re_bodygroup_here
studio “bodygroup01.smd”
studio “bodygroup02.smd”

Blank is for a blank bodygroup, it’s good for when you wish the model to take that helmet off. I hoped this cleared up quite a bit.

hmmm, thank you I’ll give this a try once im sober