Tutorial on VALVe's Particle editor

So I decided to remake my Particle editor tutorial from 2010

I think that the particle editor is rather underused and it can be an extremely powerful tool for any map or mod. Hope you enjoy.

That’s actually a pretty decent tutorial. The only critique I suppose is that part 1 and 2 could have easily been one part.

Great tutorial.

Awesome, I always wanted to learn the particle editor, and this helps

Yes trial and error is easier to learn, and better for the particle editor. People ask me for help and I always tell them they have to learn how to use it on their own, and I can’t teach them to do it.

unless its something small like changing a few parameters then I will.

I like the fact that you didn’t try to do the tutorial in one take. That seems to be a common mistake by people making tutorials.
Great work. Glad someone else encourages trial and error. You get instant visual feedback, so experimenting with things normally produces some desirable effects quite quickly.

Thanks for this tutorial, may i ask a simple question: Am i able to use the info_particle_stool to spawn the custom particle in gmod and how would i go about doing this?

Thanks again.

Very nice tutorial! Didn’t even know that this was there.

I love you

Nice tutorial, thanks for taking the time to make it.

aha thanks man this helped alot, i’ve been meaning to learn how to use the particle editor, and you saved me!

Make a custom particles_manifest.txt file and put it with your pcf file in the Garry’s Mod particles folder. You should be able to just type the name of your particle (not pcf file) in the stool and place it.


Edit: sigh not working, going to keep trying. The name of the particle in the manifest folder is “particles/powercell.pcf” and in the stool i type powercell but to no avail. Did i do something wrong? The particle file is in the garrysmod’s particles folder btw.

What did you name your particle when you created it? You don’t use the name of the actual PCF file (unless you named your particle the same of course.)

Oh, you should do more of these. This makes me want to mess with editor for real.