Tutorial series for beginners

I am starting a tutorial series for ppl who know little to nothing about the game.
The first episode about basic controls and how to make a hatchet is up


Just uploaded another episode

Thank you for taking the time to upload videos to help new-players <3

the tutorial should start like this : “at first after u finish loading in press the “v” key and shout “I m friendly” while trying to put a rock into some dude skull”.

Ya no prob! I just have seen a lot of questions on simple thing so I thought some very basic videos would be helpful. I mean, when I joined (without watching videos myself) I didnt know how to open my inventory. It didnt take me long to figure it out on my own… but some ppl… need the extra help lol

If any1 has suggestions of other short rust tip/tutorials let me know

Sorry for triple post but got a new ep

Thanks for the video’s dude :slight_smile: