Tutorial session ?

hi there mappers, do you know that feeling, where you can’t figure out how to make your map say “hi there, this is a thread” or “how do i make more than one block and is it even possible?”
what i am trying to say, we need a tutorial Sub-Forum for us mappers.
instead of all the threads, where someone ask about “how to make rain?”

so what do you think about this idea?, do we need a tutorial Sub-Forum post your answer :smiley:
and happy mapping ^^

No we don’t, just visit the following links…


and check out the mappers encyclopaedia’s many pages.


Also this.

This guy has everything you want to learn: http://www.tophattwaffle.com/?page_id=62

I found some of his techniques questionable.

I don’t find him to be very good, or an impressive mapper to be honest.

He’s extremely cocky too. I just don’t like him, he came into FP with a stuck up attitude.

There are plenty of tutorials to follow we don’t really need the section, it would probably be inactive

Also, i’ve said on my channel that if anyone wants to know anything, then to ask and i will do specials on it. Tailor made tutorials…for you!

Even though there is a plethora of ways to find out how to do something in Hammer, there are still little things that there isn’t a tutorial for that new people keep running in to.

For example, all the threads about “How can I shoot through doors” and “My map has no leak and my water isn’t working” would go in a help section.

And because there will be a help section, people will feel more obliged to ask.

And Firegod522 won’t have to keep sending the link to one of the Megathreads.

We have two megathreads that people keep missing. Tutorials answer basic issues, more complex ones go in a help thread. If people cant find the help threads, what makes you think they will find a help section? We are already having issues with people not finding the released section.

Also another thread that I have made for such an occasion.