Tutorial: sv_downloadurl and dropbox (Free hosting)

Some server owners out there have surely asked themselves how to get a cheap host for their files.

Well… the answer is simple. In this tutorial i assume you’ve downloaded and installed dropbox from www.dropbox.com.

To make your server less laggy, you can make the players joining your server download the server content from another place. This is done by the fancy console command called “sv_downloadurl”.

Here are some easy steps to set up your server to use a download url:


  1. Create a folder called “garrysmod” in your public folder inside your “My Dropbox” folder.

  2. Create these files inside the “My Dropbox/public/garrysmod/” folder:

    • cache
    • maps
    • materials
    • models
    • resources
    • sound
  3. if you want to add addons, you have to copy the base files, addons are purely emulators for garrysmod.

    -. Go to your addon folder, in this example I will use the phx addon from my garrysmod folder.

    -. in “garrysmod/addons/phx” copy: maps, materials, models and sound.

       - settings, scripts and data are server side files (will not be needed by people that are joining)

    -. paste them in “My dropbox/public/garrysmod/”, and overwrite

    -. Hint: You can not copy other folders than the one mentioned in step 2 and paste them in the
    dropbox, it won’t work…

  4. In this step, we will get the lua files needed by the client.

    -. go to “garrysmod/cache” and copy the “dua” file.

       - PS. If you don't want this file to be gigantic, delete it, delete the addons you're not
     using (back them up if you want) from the garrysmod folder on your computer. 
       - Start up garrysmod
       - Create a listen server (play multiplayer).
       - Exit garrysmod
       - now copy the dua folder from "garrysmod/cache"

    -. paste the dua folder in the garrysmod folder located in your dropbox.

  5. go to a random file (not folder) in the garrysmod folder in the dropbox, right click it, open “dropbox” and press “copy public link”.

  6. Make it start!
    -. Go to your game.cfg located in the cfg folder inside your garrysmod folder/the server’s garrysmod folder. (or server.cfg)

    -. paste the link you copied in a notepad, and remove the last parts of the link until it looks like this:
    - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/133773/garrysmod/

    -. paste this on the bottom: (change the link to yours)
    sv_downloadurl “http://dl.dropbox.com/u/133773/garrysmod/
    sv_allowupload 0
    sv_allowdownload 0

  7. You are ready to go!

Wait, that’s brilliant if it works, but isn’t there a chance they’ll delete it if your only using it for fast download hosting? Ah well, if it works, then that’s a ton easier than FTP as well. Great guide!

Great stuff, but two questions:
A) What do I do when two files have the same name but are different.
B) -snip-


No, the site won’t delete any content and offers 3gb of free hosting.
I made a retarded website with it. :downs:


Point is you have an opportunity now you shouldn’t waste.

A) You have the choose the latest, like GMOD would do.
B) Do not upload them, the “dua” folder has the data after you’ve run it on your garrysmod.

This looks very nice, going to try this out! Thanks :smiley:
Wait when people download, is it using my upload bandwidth?

And if so, is 300kbps upload good enough? or at least better than the regular gmod download

Also when I right click and go to dropbox, theres no “Copy Public Link”

Dropbox works like this:
You “drop” your files inside your “My Dropbox” folder, just like you would in any other folder, and it uploads it to another server. So when people download from it, your bandwith won’t be touched.

You have to right click a file, not folder, inside the public folder.

Awesome thanks!, I didn’t make a PUBLIC folder, didn’t read. Thank you :smiley:


Do I need to upload LUA folder too? Cause I go some stuff in there also.


Same here, I fixed by simply logging into their site, finding my files, right clicking and doing manually from their site.

When you say “garrysmod/cache” do you mean

Also so to add addons lets say im adding a 2 “player models” and both the file start of like model\player(different names.mdl) should i just place them in the drop box Garrysmod folder and let them merge together

you’re not supposed to use it as a downloadurl

I mean you can do it without getting into trouble, but if you get too many players joining your server downloading too much in a short time (few weeks I think) your account will temporarily close itself and get a warning

Although it’s probably fine for less populated servers. Serious server owners will probably do it from their own FTP anyway

There’s billions of other dropbox alternatives though, all those tons of free hosts out there.

UKGame are starting their own free FastDL service to everyone like they do with their Mumble servers

Major warning: if you exceed the bandwidth limit on dropbox, you will never be able to have people download from your links again.

Is it supposed to give me an error 404 if i just enter it in the address bar? Error (404)
We can’t find the page you’re looking for. Check out our FAQ or forums for help. Or maybe you should try heading home.

so im just going to drop the addons where the

  • cache
  • maps
  • materials
  • models
  • resources
  • sound
    folder’s are? give me a better tutorial please.
    you explanein a weird way

Dat bump.
I have a feeling if i keep pointing out the obvious im gonna eventually get banned by bumping a bump.

it don’t work for me :frowning:

sv_downloadurl “https://dl.dropbox.com/sh/cnslxdg5b0u2g8r/sQWZNaIRcE
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1


sv_downloadurl “https://dl.dropbox.com/sh/cnslxdg5b0u2g8r/sQWZNaIRcE
sv_allowupload 0
sv_allowdownload 0

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