Tutorial topic ideas

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has been diligently watching every video and livestream of s&box as they come out, and although there are some pretty cool things already in development it has me thinking: what topics/addons would be useful to have dev tutorials for, especially early on? I’m not really a youtuber or anything and I am predominantly a software developer (4th year comp sci at the moment) so the ideas generated here would be for anyone in the tutorial sphere, although if I get a key early enough on, I will be trying to put out brief videos on the topics that other’s have missed, I just hope larger channels beat me to it.

So far these are some ideas I’ve come up with but feel free to add your own and if you are a video maker, take the ideas for yourself if you want:

  1. Implementing score/money system into an existing gamemode
  2. money printer to show how to interact with entities and tie into the previous money system
  3. Intro to UI by making a chatbox or a scoreboard
  4. setting up teams (probably using dm98 gamemode)
  5. making throwables (a spear most likely)
  6. adding custom entities to the spawn menu of the sandbox gamemode
  7. setting up a new gamemode
  8. dropping items on death (spawn ragdoll that’s lootable)
  9. making custom entities show up in hammer
  10. using modeldoc
  11. map making with hammer and the new tools provided by facepunch

I think this is a noble cause! Just be sure to remind everyone to think abstract and vague as the actual technicalities of the API and game itself are subject to change rapidly.

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To add to this one, a tutorial on setting up source control (like git) for gamemodes would be super useful.
I’d say a tutorial on setting up git LFS for mappers and modellers would be worthwhile too.

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Setting up version control would be an excellent intro video for it! For anyone intending to make a video for it, I’d suggest going with GitHub desktop to make it simpler on people.

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Another possible topic would be creating a checkpoint system that updates your spawn point