Tutorial vids

Hi guys,

Although I have been playing gmod a long time and also been a member of facepunch a while too I am fairly sure this is my first ever post.

Not that im certain but I did notice a while ago that Trickys Tutorial website went down, although it seems there has been a bit of activity at http://www.trickystutorials.net/

Either way, i thought recently due to the request of friends i would start to make my own tutorial videos. Since trickys is currently down or gone i thought i would post on fp to see if anybody could make any use of them. At the moment it is basic wire use, gates physics i/o that type of things. But i am hoping to make a small project out of it.

So then, i would like to make the gmod community aware of this, which is what im doing here. I would also like some advice maybe on how i could go about myself known to the community a little bit more if this is the wrong way to go about doing things or whether or not you think this is a fruitless endevour and there are enough tutorial people out there already to sink a small boat.

Just after your thoughts and or maybe a little publicity. Check out my tutorials at http://www.youtube.com/user/ArbiterGmod

Feel free to tell me to shove it, i wont mind :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time

I realise i may have posted in the wrong section and so have reposted elsewhere, although i CANNOT find a delete button so i cant remove this thread. Sorry people :frowning: