Tutorial: Why Auto-Machines Are A Bad Idea.

We’ve all been there on Dark RP… Someone makes an amazing auto-gunshop, and everyone applauds them, but then thieves scratch theirs heads, and go, “so…how do we get into it?” before you guys declare propblock let me explain something… Auto-Gunshops are without doubt the shittest excuse for extra-security. How so? The same theory they use too spawn guns from the shipments(wire users) can be used to get free guns. Captain obvious statement isn’t it? But how do you get the wire user into something like a gun machine.
Well first off… Spawn any small prop. I would suggest a wooden piece therefore the gun owner can break it, and therefore it’s fair game. Once you get the prop I would suggest using a 1x1 phx plate as the figurative of how far the wire user should be from the prop.

Done? Congrats… Now spawn up a wire numpad output, and put it on the prop. Now that it’s on you should probably have something similar to this…

If you’re asking about the lines…

Green means Parent
Light Blue means No-collide
Red means Wire to One Another

Once you have this all done dupe (or just remake it constantly), and have fun breaking into auto-shops.

Oh another thing… This isn’t nocollidebust this is actually a simple construct working with parenting from easy precision.

you need to stop posting

Why? Every pro will always have a con. In this point of view it’s a safer bet for those who have the time to run gun stores over making an auto gunshop.

I can’t believe I never thought of that.

Now I feel kinda stupid.

It’s kind of obvious. I joined an RP server once, and before my head exploded I had fun doing this to downloaded gunshops.

Anyone who actually made their own auto-gunshop should be able to prevent this, but it’ll still work on people who just use dupes.

Exactly why it’s hilarious/profitable. I’m truly not sure if theirs a full way to stopping it actually… You mind sharing some of your techniques?

Well, most autogunshops this would work on are vunerable because they use forcers or gravity to deliver the weapons, right? If they just changed the forcers to only operate when the purchase is complete, you’d at least need to add your own forcer into the design, to push the gun out of the machine.

I think hiding a few disconnected wire buttons inside the machine (near where the shipments are stored) should at least make this very difficult to do sucessfully, if you place them so the users hit them instead of the shipments.

It would probably also be possible to make the store lock down itself if it detected a user nearby, at least keeping any potential thieves from getting anything out of the machine. A “gun jam” detector could trigger and lock down the machine, too, if it detects an object in the machine that should not be there, like an exxtra gun you caused a shipment to spawn.

I usually try to get some guns and then buy one, forcing all guns out.

Well, that’s what the “gun jam” sensors would be for.