Could someone please give me a link to a gamemode creating tutorial thats up to date with the new patch like thing in garry’s mod that has seemed to ruin my new one. Thanks in advance.

The “new patch like thing” shouldn’t interfere with your gamemode, unless you’re trying to use a gamemode from the original Gmod. I’m pretty sure all gamemode tutorials still work the same as they have been, or at least there aren’t any new ones.

Well I got some help from a nice person and they said that the new patch like thing MIGHT be messing it up. Can you give me a link to a good one that you know works?

The only ones I know are on the Wiki, i.e. http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Simple_Gamemode

If they error, it’s probably just some minor things. The overall structure is correct, as far as I know.

Here are some awesome video tutorials by humblesnurp

Yea… video tutorials on text-based stuff, no-go for me atleast.

I see what you mean, but im a visual learner. Helps me a lot seeing people actually type everything. You never know right? People might be the same way

Different people, different… all kinds of stuff.


Although, listening to a guy saying “type function player spawn parenthis open p l y parenthis closed”… nuh uh.

I agree with Busymonkey; watching video tutorials can be very annoying. I prefer a compact page listing the arguments / return type of a function and maybe an example (optional). That’s all I need.