Tutorials for creating player models

Basically I have this model, and want to rig it for use with teh source model animations I know I have to create hitboxes, and use the citizen skeleton, but is there any tutorials out there that leads from rigging the model (proper bones etc), to creation of its QC. (I have no issue with compiling shit)

Just adding this is for maya 2009 if you find a similar tutorial for earlier versions I can roughly adjust them to the change in the program over time.

Look around this and the requests section theres alsorts of threads where people asked this. I’ll put some links if I can remember where they are.

k thanks in advance, currently the compiling just seems to crash me when I try to spawn it thus guessing the ragdoll messed up.

Check the .smd’s are the same before you exported them and that models are exported as reference and animations as sequence.