Tutorials for GMOD to CS:S?

Firstly let me say the only reason I am posting this is because I literally cannot find an alive tutorial on how to port a gmod model/ragdoll to Source, many people suggested I post here.

Here is my current situation if it helps someone in assisting me more. I have a model (skinned), that I want to rig up to use for CS:S, currently if I load it into CS:S…well…the model stands out like he has his arms out, and his legs do not move in the running mode and he is like gliding across the floor so to speak, also the gun sort of comes out of the…penial regions.

The question I have for you experts is where or what can I look at to help me rig the model for CS:S usage, so it runs, jumps, crouches, holds guns properly, and etc. I would like to learn this myself, but I am finding myself a lack of resources.

GMod is Source too, it just uses different playermodel skeletons.

You’ll have to “rig” your model to the CSS skeleton, which uses different bones than the hl2mp/gmod one. If you’re not experienced with compiling/decompiling models, you should ask someone else to do this - but rigging ragdolls is very tedious and the quality of the final product is directly related to how much time you spend rigging.

All you need to do is export it rigged to the CSS skeleton, and make a note in your .qc script telling the compiler to include some animations that Valve already made - then your model will run, jump, crouch, hold guns properly, etc (in CSS only). The process is kind of complex if you haven’t done model compiling/decompiling, but it’s very simple once you’re used to it. It just takes a while.

Well FPSBanana provided me with some tutorials regarding compiling and how to decompile. At the present moment I have the model decompiled and I see the .qc file along with some other files like .smd, etc.

I suppose a more accurate question would be how would I rig it, is there like a tutorial I can follow to get the gist of how to do it? Because in the qc file I see a lot of positions.

Oh, yeah. The file you want to play with is usually the largest .smd that the decompiler outputs. That contains the reference mesh and the information about where all the vertices are weighted. You don’t have to play with the .qc much at all. Rigging it is done in your choice of 3D modeling software - I’d suggest you download XSI (SoftImage Mod Tool) simply beacuse there’s bound to be tons of rigging tutorials with it, and it’s geared towards Source. Basically, you’re going to be selecting groups of vertices and assigning them to specific bones. You have to eventually do this for every single vertex in the model, though you usually select them in groups.

I’ve never used XSI myself, but I’m sure this page will help explain it more thoroughly.

Don’t you have to install a addon for XSI to import and export .smd file types
Edit: Found it http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/item?siteID=123112&id=13525256&linkID=12544121 bottom link

Couldn’t he just rename the bones to the CS:S player model bones?

No, there’d still be some missing/some extra, and the bones would have different endpoints - the animations would be extremely screwed up. The CSS rig is very different from the hl2mp/gmod rig.

Thanks a ton, all the addons I have been looking for don’t work, so I am going to give this one a try.

Quick question, after testing a model I modified, I got this error message spammed in console.

Performance warning: Mark bone ‘ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand’ in model ‘player/ocladmintest.mdl’ as being used by bone merge in the .qc!