Tutorials for modelling and some beginner questions

After I got the hang of the Hammer editor, I thought I’d give modelling a try. I looked up some tutorials a couple of months ago, and tried 3DSMax.
I now know the most basic things of 3DSMax, though I have trouble finding decent tutorials/videos that give a look on how to make very good looking models from the ground up.

Where can I find these tutorials? And is 3DSMax suited for a beginner? (I wish to have good results, but it shouldn’t get over-complicated)

Also, I was wondering what modelling program is most suited for making models for games.

Thanks in advance.

www.tutorialized.com is very good website for tutorials I think.

I think so. 1934 tutorials at 3DSMax. Thanks!

Tutorialized may have a lot of tutorials, but most of them are shit. CG Tuts however has some amazing tutorials:

I’ve seen that site, but they don’t have many beginner tutorials, and quickly move into advanced stuff where I have trouble keeping up.