Tutorials on player models?

I own a Deathrun server for Gmod and thought I would make it more unique by adding in custom player models. I don’t know where to start and would like it if you guys would point me into the right direction. I want to learn how to rig player models that people have already made. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

It’s good that you know how most of the Garry’s Mod playermodels are actually rigged.

Anyway, before getting started, do you already have a program in mind? Most of the actual tutorials on rigging will depend on the program you choose. If you do not have one in mind, the most popular programs in this forum tend to be Blender and 3ds max for rigging purposes. Blender is free and 3ds max has a free 3-year student version so long as you do not plan on selling models you make from it. For editing textures, Photoshop is probably the most versatile but GIMP should work fine if you can’t obtain it.

Thanks for the reply. I have photoshop and 3ds max and I’m ready to learn. I know it’s not going to be easy but its a good learning experience. Would the tutorials also apply to weapons? or is that a separate tutorial. Rigging models for use as player models and importing weapons that can be turned into a swep is my main goal.

For the most part, I used this.
You’ll have to delete its existing bones and import bones from another player model, though, and re-weight each of them.
Thiswill help after you’ve already made the model smd.