Hi guys,

Although I have been playing gmod a long time and also been a member of facepunch a while too I am fairly sure this is my first ever post.

Not that im certain but I did notice a while ago that Trickys Tutorial website went down, although it seems there has been a bit of activity at http://www.trickystutorials.net/

Either way, i thought recently due to the request of friends i would start to make my own tutorial videos. Since trickys is currently down or gone i thought i would post on fp to see if anybody could make any use of them. At the moment it is basic wire use, gates physics i/o that type of things. But i am hoping to make a small project out of it.

So then, i would like to make the gmod community aware of this, which is what im doing here. I would also like some advice maybe on how i could go about myself known to the community a little bit more if this is the wrong way to go about doing things or whether or not you think this is a fruitless endevour and there are enough tutorial people out there already to sink a small boat.

Just after your thoughts and or maybe a little publicity. Check out my tutorials at http://www.youtube.com/user/ArbiterGmod

Feel free to tell me to shove it, i wont mind :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time

Best tutorials are one’s with voices, in my opinion

There really can’t be enough tutorials. Make sure that you upload in HD, if possible, speak clearly, have non obnoxious quiet background music, and all console/written commands are displayed clearly so you know exactly what to type. If all those things are done your tutorials will rock!

I think it would be good if when showing how to wire up more complex things like autoturrets that you use simple diagrams made with Paint or something. also i agree with the voices bit