hi there,

I have only just download the game yestarday, and am really struggling to even get started.

I am trying to download some custom content, and it says things like advanced duplicator and lua.

I dont even know how to download an advanced duplicaor, let alone how to install it or how to use it.

Is there anywhere i can go for easy to find beginners tutorials?

or do i need a degree in computer games science to play?:v:


thats rather patronising isn’t it, i am only asking for help.

unfortunately you misunderstood the question. (or did not read the question)

I was wondering if there was any good site that can help explain things to newbies such as myself who are also not so computer literate as perhaps your gifted self?

Many thanks.

Yes, Google. You can always do some research before questioning things. Want to know how to install advancer duplicator? There were 3 vídeos on the link above. Want to know what’s LUA? The first result in the search is called “The Programming Language Lua

again, thats not really what I was asking.

Does anyone know of any good beginner sites to help newbies off the ground in this amazing but hard game?

Yes, google.com is a very useful tool, but it shows too many results and I am asking if anyone has any suggestions.

Just wondering, have you ever played a first person shooter before? It’s fine if you haven’t, we just need to get a rough idea of what you already know so we can help better.

thanks for the reply, yes, I have, on the xbox, I played hl2.


Alright, the first thing you should have a look at is the Gmod wiki: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Manual

This provides a pretty good “first time” guide to Garry’s Mod in general as well as how to install and use addons. Some of the documentation isn’t completely up to date or the OSX support is lacking, but it should give you a rough idea to begin with.

thanks a lot for the help UberMensch