Tuxedo Citizens

Admittedly the scale is a little off, but I’m not re-rigging and compiling them all again. I’ve had enough trouble with these fuckers.

[li]Contains NEWish TECH that allows you to change the color of the suit with the color tool![/li][li]6 extra skin textures to change the cumberbun and bow tie colors! (Right click with this tool on the model)[/li][li]All 9 citizens can now party in style![/ul][/li]
Most annoying bug is probably the dynamic shadows disappearing when you change the color of the suit. If anybody knows how to fix this, help and stuff yo.

Yes it’s from the Mafia II Made Man DLC. Thank you Bloocobalt and simkas for help and stuff


If you use these for personal skin shit, don’t make them faggoty.


it is awesome

cool beans.


This looks cool, I’ll check it out.

Bowties are cool.

Looks nice pal, I’ll give them a download! Good work on the Color tool skinning, was an awesome idea.

Now all we need is some fancy ladies in dem dresses for dem parti pictars.

The Masque of the Red Death poses?

Nice. The final picture made me laugh.

Needs closed tuxes too, but these are still really nice.

I’m loving this formal model wave.

What is this new-ish technique for getting specific parts of models colored with the color tool anyhow?


Dumb & Dumber reference in second picture.

Glad somebody got it.

Yes, seriously. I tried using the color tool on them but it got the whole model to change color

It’s super easy. Create an alpha channel in the main texture. Black = not affected by color tool. White = affected by color tool. Grey is in between, but in my opinion it looks ugly if you make it grey.

Add $blendtintbybasealpha 1 into all the vmts the model uses (except eyes/pupils/things that use transparency, as they’re not affected by the color tool anyway)

The tuxedo guys don’t already have this?

What? They do.

I’m afraid not, when I tried to change the tux red by clicking the model with the color tool, everything was tinted red