TV model request for a Lua project

Dear modelers,

I’ve come to a point where my Lua scripting abilities cannot step foot in. I’m in the need of a television model for my current projectthat I’ve been working on. The CS:S model of the TV is not quite big enough to fit my demands for resolution, so I’ll need to specify some measurements for screen size, and I’ll need some materials to go with it. If anyone would be so kind as to help me with this, I’ll be happy to replay them with any kind of scripting help they need.

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Thanks a bunch,


Have you actually said what you want doing…because I can’t see it. It would be useful to actually tell us what you want in this model, like this resolution you talked about. This request is way to vague (sorry if I seem a bit confrontational, but i’m just trying to help as people are more likely to help if you actually say what you want, the more detailed the better).

Also what is that picture of?

Well, in the Lua script, the width is 1024 and the height is 512. The resolution is 0.05, so I assume that would be 10240.05 by 5120.05 units for the actual screen. What I’m looking for is a Source TV that has that exact number of units of screen space, along with a grey metal texture for the back. That is a picture of a dynamic music/video player inside Gmod, you can find more information in the post.


Add me if you need more info than that.

Ok, I’ll give you a bunch of screens and in return you help me out with my dragon ball radar, deal? Look in my topic in the models section to find out what to do.

Anyways, I’m making a bunch of sci-fi screens, similar to these:

I made these a long time ago so I’ll be able to make much higher quality ones today. I can make floating ones, ones that hang on the wall, ones that emerge from the ceiling, and ones that rest on the ground.

Also, I like to discuss things on the board, not go onto Steam or other programs.