TWD gaming - The walking dead

Hello Facepunch, TWD Gaming is a clan created in 2008 and since this time it kept growing.
We currently are recruiting people for scrims matchup or just to have fun.

We own 3 Counter-Strike:Source server, 1 garry’s mod server, 1 black ops ranked server, 1 Battlefield 2 server, 1 Call of duty 4 server and a ventrilo server.

Counter-Strike:Source regular:
Counter-Strike:Source gungame:
Counter-Strike:Source scrim(Private):
Garry’s mod PERP:
Black ops ranked:
Call of duty 4:
Battlefield 2:

Please try out our community and our server. For more information, add on steam:
or bilbasio703

I see 7 empty servers

Well thats why im advertising…

I don’t

If you want guys, im currently on the gmod server so go check it out and tell me about it.

VIP is free for TWD members.

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Im currently updating the server.

Exploiters will be banned permantly. If you dont want to get banned, dont accept money from other people.

Stop hosting exploitable gamemodes. PERP is bad. If you are going to host PERP, at LEAST fix the exploits first.

The exploits will be fixed. But for now all the exploiters are banned permantly.

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Also, note that the server is only running since 1 day. Thats why its written in the name(Coming soon).