Tweaking Gmod to look more "real"

been working on my gmod, just trying to make it look more real instead of bland, so i started taking texture mods, gibmods, editing gibmods, sharpeye, black awps legs, graphics and sounds. It’s been like 1 year and its still not close, im updating shaders and lighting, but so far the textures and sounds are pretty sweet. gibmods at it too, im using gibsplat and it never does the “disconnect” and it is more real. im also at the sharpey and the legs. soon, it will look like this, just gmod. Redirect Notice except it will be like that in most gmod maps. might not be exact but im aiming at that. if you have suggestions, tell me, you can also tell me any graphic mods or anything like that. DERP

I don’t see anything particular more ‘real’ on the screenshot you linked. It’s just the lost coast.

holy shit that screenshot you took is amazing
i cant wait until people start utilizing this technology in gmod

it feels like were years behind still!!!

You made the ground extra shiny?

Bad reading for everyone. He said he’s trying to push GMod to look like that screenshot, which was taken from Half-Life 2: Lost Coast.

You really shouldn’t aim to make GMod look like Lost Coast. LC is a years old tech demo Valve made to demonstrate certain lighting techniques (HDR and Phong shaders mostly), and some environmental features (I think there was a tiny bit of cinematic destruction).

It had imperfect implementations and exaggerated the effects to show them off, not to look more real.

If you are a decent mapper and good with shaders (I don’t think OP is) you can get about the same results for gmod.

In fact, I have seen maps 100 times better looking and more ‘realistic’ if you will than this in the mappers forum.

Oskutin is one of my favorite mappers for good looking maps

Please, just don’t post anymore.