Tweaking/Increase performance on dedicated server questions.

As some servers got kickass servers that can handle most things, i wonder as my server can barely take 100 props(Sandbox and a spacebuild server)

Then my question is how can i better the performance and how i can make it handle heavy things.
The server barely uses 50 Mbps by ovh charts.

i host from kimsufi(i know it is a cheap ass company but it works)
I use tcadmin v2 for the panel and the server is 24g.

Ps: my grammar sucks but i try at least and im on ipad so lots of words can be fucked up.

You can ask your server provider to give you more leeway on the amount of CPU that your server uses. I have used GTX Gaming and Nitrous Networks to host and they both let me do that. I would suggest however that if you are using a gamemode that relies on mostly using physics props then you get it from a trusted and powerful hosting company or use a good quality server/VPS.

He said that he has a dedicated box

I tried spreading my servers on each cpu i got 2-3 servers each cpu, but i dont have a pc so i cant play yet.

Ah my bad for not reading through properly, I would say give more CPU priority to the spacebuild server, second most priority for the sandbox. They both use a lot of physics props, but spacebuild will involve more collisions and movement of those props.

Add to the launch parameter for the server
start /high whatever.exe -otherarguments

You should dedicate a core to Sandbox.