Tweet Mod V2 - Now In Color!

Tweet Mod, an addon designed to use twitter through Garry’s Mod!

[li]Shows Your Twitter Messages In-Game[/li][li]Has Multiple Display Modes[/li][li]Can automatically post information on servers you are joining[/li][li]Can post when you earn achievements[/li][/ul]


Login Screen (It saves the username and password, so you should only see this once)

Expanded Mode

Basic Mode

Minimal Mode

Options Menu

Instructions on Useage:
[li]The TweetMod Console command will open the window, by default, so will F3.[/li][li]You can post by typing in the post box and pressing “submit”[/li][li]You can change things such as the color of special types of text, when automatic tweets will be posted, and the mode and key binding in the options menu.[/li][/ul]

Extract into your addons folder, then copy the addon’s lua/includes/modules folder into the main gmod lua/includes/modules folder.
This addon is powered by LuaSocket, and LuaSocket is included in the download.

Technical Details:
In the main lua file, I’ve included a synopsis of all the functions to acess the twitter API I’ve made, I didn’t use all of them, so some people may find some use in them.
Also, Twitter limits users to 150 requests per hour, so the addon only updates once every half-minute. So if a button says “updating” for a long time, you’re going to have to live with it for a bit.

Any bugs, comments, or suggestions? Please make a post about them, and I’ll be sure to try and fix/answer them.

Updated Now Updates every 30 seconds, to accommodate the increased rate limit.


150 requests per hour!

goes and re checks wiki So it is. I’ll go change it to update every 30 seconds then.

Just read all the code since i’m on pc now, awesome :open_mouth:
/wishes support :3



Ah, i actually forgot to mention, it automatically sends URLs starting with http:// though, and if your message is longer than 140 characters, it splits it up into multiple messages.

Man, this is so useful.
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