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Bloody fucking awesome, a shame about Nick’s hair tho.

Say, is he using telekinesis in that pic, or did he simply knock over the table and the glow & the hand position give me the false impression of sorcery?

That’s what i call - skill.

Fuck, didn’t noticed that

love the pic with nick, awesome blur usage.

Reminds me of Push

Nick looks like magic gambler with those lights.

Love it.

Looks great, a bit of a curve on his lower body though.

“Winner winner, chicken dinner!”

Awesome scene but I can’t see how the cards would get behind him like that. They should be in the foreground.

I could see Nick saying that as he shoots up to open fire.

This is pretty wicked.

You should have added an Ace in his sleeve.

i like this a lot

At first, he is a magican.
And the sencond thing, the car is empty.

Somehow, you gave that first picture movement and at the same time a slow-motion feeling. “Dynamism”, I guess.

I’m loving this section right now!!!

I’m glad to see that the posing section is still going strong, even though it is now mostly just “who has the best photo shop skills” but still, a lot of nice pictures in here.