Twig Triangle Floor Bug & the wish for Triangle Roofs

Hey There,

First I wanna make a Bug Report:

After the last Update from yesterday (26.3.15) I found myself building a house using triangle shapes.
At first everything worked fine and looked just great. But then I discovered a small bug AND a solution
for it.

Twig Triangle Floors can only be seen from above. They are invisible from below.

Upgrade to Wood makes them visible from both sides again.

Second I wanna ask for a Extension of the building shapes:

Thanks to the Triangle shaped foundations and floors, we are able to create really cool looking buildings,
but when it comes to place the roof, there are no triangles. Because of that it, is impossible to create f.e.
a rocket shaped Tower … or place a Roof over a triangle shape floor at all …

Thank you for reading and thinking about it.

EDIT1: I just remembered that I wanted to Report a second Problem that occured with the new patch:

When looking at a armored door, the Screen starts to look like after 10 minutes without safty clothing
in rad town…

EDIT2: Another Bug I experienced (already before the last update) was an item (a torch) that was broken,
but i couldnt drop or repair it … so now it’s taking space in my inventory and cant be used… I am able to move it
inside the inventory but I cant get rid of it …

Best Regards

Had this happen with a couple of hatchets before and they were stuck in my inventory. It’s an easy fix!

  • Get rid of all your inventory and clothing while inside your base.
  • Suicide
  • Respawn in your sleeping bag. The offending items will be gone from your inventory.

correct, after i died, the problematic item was gone … but items getting stuck in your inventory in the first place is a Problem only devs can get rid off

Came to here post about this same bug (Invisible triangle twig floor), but looks like someone beat me to it.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like from below if it’s of any use (EDIT: Figured I’d just post the URL for the image since the image itself was very large and doesn’t look like it resizes itself on these forums)