Twilight found a way to stop Nightmare Moon.

Expect some bad spelling?

Today I opened Gmod after a long while of not playing and the first thing i see in ToyBox is 3 pages of Pony models.
My face:

This highlights the need for proper unicorn models
I really want to make The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee

At least I don’t go to toybox very often, I bet this whole 3 pages is just full of Pony Personal skins.

Actually now there’s just one thank god. (on the front page anyway).

Oh, please someone could tell me where to get the pony models? ASIDE from toybox.

I’d like to make a massacre.

Pack #1
Pack #2

Good luck for thou wilst need it. The models are probably the hardest to pose ever made. A friendly word of advice to keep you from beating your head against a wall: no ingame blood whatsoever they crash the game about 2 thirds the time.

Regarding the pose, technically it should’ve been nighttime considering nightmare’s whole scheme was an endless night.

Good God I appear to have developed multiple personality disorder. [sp]and the new one’s a brony[/sp]

I knew I should have use Ravenholm in the first place.

Thank you for the links and for the advice.

A bump for part 2.

Happy new Year, even thought there’s 29 minutes left.

Haha, this is great.

This is better done than the actual show.