Twilight Princess HD models!fIFxEKaK!gjl0S639uDRSgP5iZkvfxP9HYx7ChvoVSP8ahYgodao

The model files are in there…somewhere…Password is MASTER.

Edit: I never downloaded this and the link is dead now. RIP.

Twilight Princess HD didn’t get any new models afaik. Just new textures.!B0R2maiD!gjl0S639uDRSgP5iZkvfxP9HYx7ChvoVSP8ahYgodao

Well, like with Wind Waker HD, it would be nice to actually see people using the maps with updated textures.

I’ll see if I can do anything. Hopefully the texture format wasn’t changed.

How do we open the models and textures? (I think they are in “The Legend OF Zelda Twilight Princess HD [AZAP01]\content\res\Object”)

Anyone have another link? MEGA found the content and deleted it.

Wouldn’t matter bmdview can’t get the textures anyways.

Gets the models tho.

Can someone please post a link to the models again, I just need the textures. Cheers.

Hey guys quick question, has the textures been ripped fully? I know the download lik is gone but Is there any tools available?

rtb was working on one, but in it’s current state it’s useless. You’d be better off waiting for him to finish it.

Thanks for the update man.