Twilight Princess Model Pack 3 *Incomplete*

Hey, I’m new here. I don’t own Garry’s Mod, but I was inspired to create a new model pack continueing on from the previous 2 packs found in the releases section. (But in this pack i decided to add scenery as well).

At the moment the pack is smaller than the other 2, but that’s because I accidentally deleted some of the necassary files. But in the mean time I am taking requests for model rips. heres what I’ve ripped so far. Like with the previouis packs they are in the bind pose, and all have textures. (They are also .3DS).

In addition to new character models, I am also quite happy to accept scenery requests as well. The sixth and seventh screenshots are of some of the scenery I ripped a while ago.


Character/enemy models:

Scenery/architecture models:

Miscellaneous models:

So there you have it. I’ll release it in the future when it’s complete, and if there’s a demand for it. In the mean time post requests in this thread.

I am now doing architecture/scenery/room requests as well, as they are all included in the dump from the ISO.

Port hylian shield please, since there are no good shield models in

I think the Hylian shield was in one of the previous 2 packs somewhere…

Yep, got it: it’s in model pack 2.

Does that mean you have a pirated verision?

Pirated version of what? Twilight Princess? no, I just extracted all the models from an ISO and converted them using BMD viewer.

He means, do you have pirated version of gmod.

No i don’t have Gmod at all. I just wanted to share this with you guys, and so you have the option to port them if you want. These are just .3DS models

The thing I most wanted to see from TP since we have most of the characters is more objects and at least some places to put these characters into.

That should be fine: The software I use also rips locations and such. I succesfuly got the Arbiters grounds exterior working great, but I deleted it ages ago.

Any particular locations or objects?

Edit Keep requests coming, but I can’t do any of them right at this second. I’m just re-downloading my ISO (For some reason i deleted everything ages ago).

I wouldn’t mind having some levels so I can make some avatars.

Are maps rippable? I mean, it’s probably complicated though, huh?

Well anyways, thanks for the models, hope this is useful to someone who wishes to rig them.:slight_smile: Great work.

Maps like, the overworld map? like Hyrule field?

that’s more than possible. Your right, though: The files are huge: But I’ll rip a scenery pack if you like.

Edit Yes! I’ve managed to find some archiecture I ripped a while ago. Heres some of it:

Mirror chamber (Part of):

Watch Tower:

So yeah I’m now officially doing scenery/room/map requests as well. Luckily for me, they’re just as annoying to locate in the huge number of files dumped from the iso.

Scenic places likes the first village and Hyrule castle would be good. The inside of Link’s house and other places would be good to use for some fanfiction.

Gosh I wish there was a Mirror Sheild in Twilight Princess. Can you get Epona or that giant cannon that shoots you to the sky temple?

Epona I’ve already ripped. And yes, I can get the cannon. In fact, that was the first thing I ever ripped from TP when I was just looking through all the files randomly!

And if you want in the absence of a mirror shield I could rip the mirror of twilight if you wanted.

Edit Ok, heres Epona. For some reason it turned out kinda blocky I think…

It looks good to me. Most of the models will look better with proper shader settings.

Keep up the good work it looks great!

I think I rendered it slightly differently as well somehow…but yeah you’re probably right

Hm… are these models gmod ready?

Unfortunately not. I’m just supplying them so anyone can port them if they want. They’re .3DS Format