Original unedited version.

Join the Imperial Guard now!


Then die.


Very nice.

Unfortunately, FaceBrunch isn’t exactly welcoming to bronies, so anyone who posts pony stuff is gonna catch some shit.

Could you guys overlook the ponies and look at the editing? You guys are acting super, duper butthurt over this.

Spike looks like he gets all the pony bitches.

Shitstorm in T-minus 10…

No not really.

Imperial Guard: because cannon fodder didn’t sound very nice.

respect the majority of this forum and stop posting this shit

not only is it disliked here (i watch the show) but it causes nothing but trouble

if you’re a troll (aww man i just got owned!!!) then you are extremely immature

Wow one poster starts talking about killing ponies, now the whole thread is butthurt guys.

The lighting is a bit intense and kind of takes away from the shot IMO, I love the concept though

That being said, it was probably a bad idea to post this here of all places (but you’ve likely noticed that by now)

Ostrich: Wait, using a pony model in GMod now gets you labeled by an entire group of people as a ‘brony’? Holy christ, that’s as bad as the sex pose guys labeling people who use military models as dudebros. O_o

C0lin: Thanks for pointing out the lighting issue. I knew something felt a little off about the shot but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what.

K3inMitl3id: I’d love to respect this forum (as the users here are proven to be not only mature, but understanding of differences in opinion/context/culture); but nowhere in the forum guidelines/rules does it say that posting a screenshot including these models is forbidden (at least to my knowledge). I mean, the last time I checked this was a forum for posting screenshots taken within GMod - and I’m here for critiques/help on my work just as much as anyone else (regardless of the theme/context of a screen).

Hey man I don’t like mlp or watch it but even I see this as a nice looking image, people have a right as individuals to like whatever they want so he is respecting the forums by being himself and not trying to hide something he enjoys.

that’s actually some pretty nice editing and lighting. it would seem that people care far more about the model you use than what you do with it, which is pretty immature imo.

i must say you are gay but no offence though

Posing’s pretty good I guess, It’s a tad over saturated in some spots, but I really like the soft vibrant looking lighting.

I like the posing and the lighting…

Saying no offense doesn’t work when you’re purposefully trying to offend somebody.

It’s like me saying “You’re an idiot, no offense”. Just doesn’t work

That’s just mean,

We may not like Ponies here at FP, But we still don’t insult the User if he/she posts something Pony releated.