Twin Blades

Hello there!
Wanted to do something cool with swords also the first time I tried editing blood outside of gmod normaly I prefer to do everything in game. Anyone C and C is welcome.

Looks really nice. Superb editing for your first time, too!
Reminds me of that guy from Hellboy.

I think that’s a “she”. :ohdear:


The person in the pose or the guy in Hellboy?

Damn, she has “Wet” written all over her! (the game WET people)

oh… I like half of your sentence…
The editing is really good, I just don’t like the editing on the last one but hell yeah! Its great!

Cheers guys. Yeah the blood on the last one looks a bit odd

The 2nd one is really coo( i don’t think i could do blood as good as that, even though i’ve been photoshopping for 1 year >:( ) it reminds me of MGS…

Damn good posing and editing

In the pose.

Jinrai kicks ASS!!! The pose is good the edit is also good…

good work!

I love them!

Wow good job.

For some reason the first pic reminds me of Jason-X

(Ugh, thats a cheezy movie)

The first picture reminded me of the twinblade class in the .hack games on the ps2. And awesome work on the editing.

Why would you leave your sword behind. I understand if your still fighting to leave it in there but take it out when your done. I mean those were two swords made for each other you can’t just buy a new one because they won’t be balanced right. :argh:

Maybe she has a 3rd perfectly balanced sword at home? Did ya think of that? Bet ya didn’t! You always keep a back up sword at home!

I was disappointed since I was expecting this.

How the hell does that thing even fly!?! The timing must be down to a millisecond…