Twin Psychology

Which one’s better

Also a bonus one

“hey there weird animal”

The first one looks bit dusty and second one looks futuristic, because of color that you added and DOF is pretty neat. It depends on style, what people like.
And the last one is my favorite, I like fur detail on that animal and these leaves are close to realistic.

Directed by J. J. Abrams with Michael Bay.

Michael Gay

“Dude, don’t look now, but there is a massive lens flare on your back.”

The first one reminds me of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I would say that it’s definitely better, but the blue lens flare kind of ruined it.

First one is nice although the lens flare is a bit bright.

That vort looks like he’s tripping balls.

The first one is better in my opinion, but the last one is my favorite. XD

Second one is better, but they’re still both blurred to shit, the colours don’t blend very well, and the angle and composition isn’t dramatic as it could be.

Third would be a lot better if the wolf was positioned closer to the camera and darkened. Posing is a little too spread out and rigid looking.

i.e. “it’s yellow, so therefor DX HR” :v:

The first one is much better. The colors do blend, but it’s the classical blue/orange.

This was till good though!

I like the first one best, would be a pretty cool movie I think :v: