Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


That’s some mighty fine lighting right there

spooky spacesuit skeletons
send shivers down your spine
shrieking air hose shocks your soul
and seals your doom tonight

This guy must be important, she actually put on clothes this time.

I don’t get that.

Guy: Bulky suit, lots of gear
Chick: Skin tight latex that even shows us the curve of her navel

Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate it, but it makes no sense.

it’s art.
anything is anything.

wow, so insightful.
i’m so glad you came to state such unknown information

(i’m just assuming you were being sarcastic, well atleast from the way you worded yourself, but)
if you knew that abstract concepts are pretty much un-explanatory, there was no point to ask the question anyways, as it’s actually pretty much un-answerable in my opinion; it doesn’t make sense and there’s literally no explanation i can come up for it.

unreasonable attire for characters is not the inexplicable definition of art

however i do concede that the question is pointless to ask.
it’s pretty obvious as the industry is dominated by man.

dude who cares

If you’d check here frequently you’d know it’s waners thing. Space Boobs!