Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

9 Weeks After The Infection: A pilot crashes in the dark spooky forest with his co-pilot dead and only a side arm to defend himself he must fight his way alone in the dark to safety.


That’s quite a lot of smoke, but I love it.

Even though I came in here expecting a Dead Space pose, this is pretty good.

This is very good.

Cool edit, I take he’s got an injury of sorts being as he’s holding he’s side, also again with these MOH models no eye posing, so that’s a little off but other then that awesome.

Bang!..Good night

I like it.

This is great.

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I could really use some help :slight_smile:


Good use of lighting.


Pretty good.

I thought its gonna be dead space pose, but anyway its good.

i read you thread about colour theory and applied it to this pic the best i could. (the blue shading on the pilot cause of the orange flash… ect) but is there any way i could make this pic better. what more could I do?

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Yes he is injured i guess i forgot to include that in my little synopsis

Ah yes I see it now. Looks good. I didn’t notice the extra shading n stuff you did before either - that looks great.

The only reason I was subdued and said “pretty good” I guess is because you just pasted on the muzzleflash. It’s well edited in though so I guess I can’t really complain.

Thank God you made the smoke actually be affected by the orange light too - so many people just paint on bright white smoke with no consideration.

Great work overall.

i tried using your tutorial on muzzle flashes for this as well i also recreated the muzzle flash i turned down the opacity and traced it with my bamboo to make a hand drawn one. because if i didnt it it would of looked like shit with a black glow and around the flash from the stock pic. anyways i guess what im asking is if this was your pic what els would you edit in ?

I dunno. It looks good as it is to be honest. It’s simple and the lighting is good. It’s hard to imagine what I’d do to someone else’s pic anyways.