Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth

not sure if someone made a thread.
but is there a willing soul out there to port or make Sweet tooth for Gmod?

I don’t know if you can port from Ps3 but I want this.

where the videogames at

He’s in both Ps1,2, and 3. So maybe there’s a model of him in one of the PS2 games or something?

He was never directly modeled into the ps2 games, but if extracting from ps3 is somehow possible we could port it.

Well did the new game come out yet?

Twisted Metal Head on:Extra Twisted Edition had a playable Sweet Tooth on foot level
The Batman Arkam Asylum goon looks like a good base he would just need some skining some shoes hacked on but his mask would need to be custom modeled he probally needs to be fatter too.

Originally he isn’t supposed to be fat, but a fat version would be cool too. He’s pretty much that prisoner, but of course needing the shoes, pants, mask and hair.

Actually he’s got a bit of a small gut, but still fat and non fat version would be awesome.

yeah that could work

I’ve never played any of the Twisted Metal games, but since I’ve wanted to, I support this so hard. Sweet Tooth is awesome.

I’m not sure if this anyone else remembers this or not, but I remember seeing a picture of Sweet Tooth’s mask in GMod. I haven’t been able to find the image however, but I think someone was previously working on something like this in the past. I’ll keep digging around and see if I can find that image again.

Quality is a bit crap but if anyone wants me to port this, I will

Can always reskin it with a much better texture I’m sure.

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Alright I’m in the middle of reskining the prisioner from the batman game, I’m wondering how I would go on about making a certain thing look dirty, like so it doesn’t look like new clothing. The only problems we’ll be having is that we need someone to model, hack straps onto him for his torso, as we also need someone to hack off the cuff things on his hands, and the straps on his thighs. Oh, he needs shoes and gloves too.


Help on making his pants not look new would be appreciated.

I made a skin of his Icecream truck.

If you guys wannna know something awesome, the Twisted Metal website has the ability to create your own skin for the cars. So you can download the actual textures (Minimole used some of Sweet Tooth’s for the truck) and they have the actual model right there but no way of ripping it from the site

For the layer that you retextured the pants on, lower the brightness down just a bit so that it’s not as bright. On a new layer, you could try a combination of using the brush tool with a grunge-style brush type to apply a dirtied appearance to it and then using the blur tool to smudge it around. You could also try using a brush style that looks like blood splatter in a few select areas, along with the grunge-style brush.

Currently scaling it using the Batman AA goon’s head

Enjoy the shitiness

I tried adding more high quality textures
either was I think it may be beyond repair.