Twisted Metal

What do you guys think about a twisted metal mod? It would be a bit like flood mod in that people would spawn props and weld them to their vehicle along with weaponry a bit like gcombat only instead of being destroyed the props simply break all constraints and fall to the ground. Each vehicle would have different traits like speed, armor, turning radius, and physical damage resistance (the damage taken when an object collides with the vehicle or prop). When the vehicles health reaches 0 it “breaks down” and forces the player out and he has to defend against the remaining enemies with only an smg. At the end of the build round you can either choose to open your garage door and compete or keep it closed and build until the next round.

I’m not asking you guys to do it for me. I’m simply farming for opinions/ideas. So say something. I know there has to be some tm fans around here. Sorry for the double post/shameless bump.

bad idea /thread

DO IT!!! and just the other day me and about 20 people were actually talking about this. so screw that other guy. definitely go for it.

Ehhhh…granted that I absolutely loved the Twisted Metal series (one-hit kill and infinite ammo = absolute fucking CHAOS, so much fun), I dunno how this would go much further than just GCombat with unwelding.

I suppose to do this, all you need is a built car, some GCombat weapons, and a large open map. That’s about it.

Post in the correct forum please.

Sounds a lot like that GBots/Battlebots/Whatever gamemode that was made a long time ago and faded away.

I enjoyed GBots, though I’m not much a builder. :v:

Well, ideally there would be about 10 or 12 vehicles to choose from, ranging from tiny vw bug type vehicles with excellent handling and speed to full blown big rigs with high armor and impact resistance.


Machine Gun; inexpensive, lots of ammo, low damage

Homing Missiles; high mobility enemy tracking missile with low damage and medium ammo

Fire Missile, medium mobility tracking missile with medium damage amd medium ammo

Power Missile, basically a rocket with high damage and splash radius, but low ammo.

Flamethrower, catches enemies on fire for 5 seconds dealing medium damage, medium ammo.

Mortar, launches a projectile on an arc that has extremely high damage very low ammo.

Ideally there would be about 10 or 12 special attack weapons that have unlimited ammo but a long recharge time that you could buy.

I need ideas, post some :stuck_out_tongue: