Twitch dont let stream with naked model

Hello guys,

i was right now talking in a old streamer about the new Rust model and he said will not stream because of the naked model and twitch rules.

This is going to be bad, because it was free publicity for Rust. Can you guys put boxers? The model is cool naked and detailed, but this is bad. Imagin if people begin flagging on Youtube? Maybe, i dont know.

But still, its a GREAT work on the details :slight_smile:

From ‘Twitch Rules of Conduct’:

Nudity is not allowed (the exception being in-game nudity within ESRB rated titles).

So it looks like the game has to be rated or you have to put a restriction on your channel I guess? And YouTube also have age restrictions OR you can edit your video and just block out the nudity. Problem solved?

Soo, we just need to wait for them to rate Rust? Thats going take a while, no?

I am not sure what their regulations are on un-rated content so the channels will probably have to be set to adult content or age locked like YouTubes way of doing it (never actually streamed so I wouldn’t know). I have seen an age lock on some twitch channels so it does exist I would presume.

I’m fairly sure twitch would make an exception for Rust, seeing that it’s not sexual nudity or anything.

I guess we’ll have people tea-bagging streamers when they die trying to get them banned.

On a serious note, we can only hope that twitch doesn’t act overly anal about the whole thing.